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Why Should You Build a Mobile eCommerce App for Your Business

Full cycle web, .NET and mobile application developers, who are smart, caring, open, flexible and efficient. We implement your creative ideas to help your company achieve high results.Contact us to develop an eCommerce mobile app for your business or update your ready application. Our team implemented a better UX and a more effective app platform to push mobile sales growth. Besides, we had to update the mobile catalog to feature thousands of SKUs in various products on iOS and Android. The client had an inefficient and poorly designed mobile app that users didn’t like.

ecommerce mobile application features

From the customer’s point of view, these apps offer personalization and convenience; they can shop anytime and anywhere while on the go. Driving loyalty through a unique mobile commerce application is a smart business move. You can also utilize the app to distribute promotion codes to users, encouraging them to download and use the app at your stores. So, your mobile commerce app needs to accept all major credit/debit cards. You should not bother if one charges you a higher processing fee, you still have to provide various payment options to the customers. Even, the expectation in the mobile shopping experience in this pandemic time is changing slowly to more value than just happy shopping online.

Must-Have Features To Make Your eCommerce Mobile App Successful

More people prefer to shop online as they find it much more convenient and faster than visiting brick and mortar stores. An e-commerce mobile app allows them to make a purchase in several taps. First, you should prepare a list of questions for potential developers.

An example of personalized content can be an article that shows how to choose the best product for a given requirement – for instance, “How to pick the best dress for your body type”. That’s why so many online stores allow their users to rate items and add comments where they share their experience with products. Another nice-to-have feature many online stores provide is the option to easily check the shipping status of items ordered in the store. Offering this option helps to boost your transparency and enhances the quality of interaction customers have with your store after completing the purchase.

Additional Costs

It must be pleasing to the eye, and pay attention to every feature—from its cutting-edge technology to precise details like font size and color. Keep your product descriptions brief, with simply one or two sentences in each paragraph. Customers will be able to see how they can utilize it and why they should choose it over similar products from competitors.

ecommerce mobile application features

Just like youtube, you can create or ask product manufacturers for a video review of their products. In the review, the video creators talk about the features and benefits of the products. With this feature, customers can judge the look and design of products in many places, such as on their bodies , homes, and offices , etc.

Easy Return Policy

The eCommerce app features mentioned above are absolutely essential to make a fully functional app. However, in order to get noticed by your target audience, your app needs to have certain features that make the customer journey easier. You can set up detailed feedback forms on your app to get insights into the users’ problems and needs.

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Charlotte Tilbury debuts consumer app.

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Hence, as per discussed the mobile features for eCommerce apps are key to enhance the customer experience which in turn promotes online business success. When an online store offers many products, it effectively implements functional sorting & filtering options. It reduces the time a customer needs to take to find a required product, and they can find desired products quickly, without the need to browse all the products. These options increase sales and deliver a positive user experience that builds a sense of brand loyalty in-app users. An e-commerce app—sometimes called a mobile commerce app — allows customers to browse and purchase items from an online store using their smartphones.

Front-end and back-end development

Personalization has been in play for a significant time now, but it is crucial to leverage thepower of personalization in eCommerce shoppingapps. A wishlist is one of the essential features you would want to have in your eCommerce mobile app. It is where potential customers add their favorite products while browsing. It is a common practice amongst the customers to visit back their wishlists even after purchasing some of the products from the list.